Utility Resources

Utilities are the ultimate front-line first-responders of the global energy transition, tasked with modernizing and decarbonizing the grid on ever-decreasing time lines, while ensuring all customers have safe, reliable and affordable power. This shifting landscape also includes the ongoing scrutiny of regulators and the changing demographics and demands of customers,

The opportunities and challenges for utilities are immense. Nearly 200 corporations worldwide have pledged to go 100 percent renewable, which in the U.S. could translate to 85 gigawatts of new corporate demand by 2030, according to energy industry analysts Wood Mackenzie.

Corporate demand will drive 20% of utility solar development through 2024.

The average fixed-tilt utility solar project can now be built for less than $1 per watt.

Solar modules today cost 11 percent of what they cost in 2010.

21.3 gigawatts of new utility solar projects were announced in 2019, bringing the total U.S. project pipeline to 45.5 gigawatts.

With an international footprint, Daroga has extensive experience partnering with utilities on all aspects of renewable energy development, from public policy and permitting to project design and financing. Capabilities range from drafting regulations and legislation to accelerate renewable energy deployment, to smart, efficient integration of renewables on distribution systems.


Daroga is committed to working with utility partners to explore a full portfolio of flexible options and solutions for meeting individual decarbonization goals and mandates, while maintaining service and a healthy bottom line. Daroga can provide the innovation and collaboration that will drive the technologies and regulatory and business models utilities need to evolve today and tomorrow.