As energy demand grows, so will the need for clean, efficient and more reliable distributed generation.

Daroga is an emerging leader in sustainable infrastructure and distributed generation resource development. Our industry backgrounds and investment experience provide insight into the ever-changing energy environment, offering our partners the expertise needed throughout the investment cycle. With private capital and in-house engineering capabilities, Daroga focuses on large energy infrastructure projects, bringing reliable distributed energy and energy efficiency solutions to communities, commercial real estate owners, utilities, and municipalities.
Partnering with leading developers and legislative groups provides Daroga the capabilities to pursue niche portfolios within the marketplace. Currently, the largest owner/operator of community distributed generation in New York City, working with utilities around the Country helping shape distributed generation markets. Daroga has built an unparalleled reputation for project execution and excellence. With an expected $49 trillion of projected infrastructure investment needed globally, through 2030, Daroga look to be a leader in continued growth and success.