As energy demand grows, so will the need for clean, efficient and more reliable distributed generation.

Investing in the renewable/sustainable energy sector, DAROGA focuses on commercial and utility scale projects. Partnering with leading developers and legislative groups provides DAROGA the capabilities to pursue niche portfolios within the marketplace. With the increase in Community Distributed Generation legislation throughout the United States, DAROGA has continued to become the leading Community Distributed Generation Developer and Operator.
DAROGA currently owns and operates NYC’s first commercial Community Solar Projects in Brooklyn totaling 1.2 megawatts. With the development of an additional 25 megawatts of Community Distributed Generation projects, DAROGA is poised to become the largest community distributed resource operator in the country. DAROGA has also created a web based portal for customer billing & management. Flexible structuring, strong work ethic and development resources allow for continued growth and success. As a global developer, DAROGA follows the model of a long term asset holder with the vision of a greener and brighter future.