Fuel Cells

Fuel cells can be used in a wide range of applications, including transportation, power generation and emergency backup power. Daroga Power’s 42MW distributed generation fuel cell portfolio offers its clients many advantages:

Resiliency, avoids the vulnerabilities of conventional transmission and distribution lines by generating power on-site, where the electricity is consumed. As a critical, always-on solution, microgrids can operate alongside a main grid, but independently of it during a power outage.

Sustainability, generating electricity through an electrochemical process rather than combustion, avoids emitting harmful air pollutants. Fuel cells reduce carbon emissions compared to the grid and combustion-based technologies, and can run on biogas or hydrogen for carbon neutral emissions options.

Predictability, utility electricity rates are variable and are subject to significant escalation related to infrastructure maintenance from weather and storm damage. Fuel Cells offer a fixed payment schedule allowing customers to secure pricing budget certainty over an extended period.

Daroga Power continues to be a leader in the fuel cell space, focusing on pairing zero-carbon fuels such as hydrogen. With the emergence of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and working with some of the FCEV manufacturers, Daroga Power will help fuel the vehicles of tomorrow with clean carbon free hydrogen.