Distributed Energy Resources

Daroga Power provides financing and owns/operates solar energy systems, fuel cells and hydrogen energy projects for commercial and industrial buyers of renewable energy.

Distributed generation (DER) in the form of renewable energy and other technologies, is a growing feature of modern electricity systems, Global DER capacity is expected to double by 2026. This revolutionary shift is currently reshaping the relationship between utilities and customers. Using solar PV and fuel cells, Daroga Power has become the largest owner/operator of community distributed generation in New York City.

Daroga Power has successfully developed renewable energy projects throughout the United States and globally. Building on a reputation for development and project management excellence, Daroga can manage the entire project life-cycle: engineering design, financing, construction, and operations.

about 528.4 GW

by 2026 will be the global distributed energy resources.

400% growth

is expected by 2026 from the 2017’s capacity.

100kW to 50MW

renewable energy projects have been successfully developed by Daroga throughout the United States and globally.