Hydrogen Economy

With ever increasing demand, the energy system across the US is currently experiencing the greatest transition in a century, from power generation to transportation. Companies are grappling with decarbonization, preservation of natural resources, aging infrastructure, energy security, an evolving regulatory landscape and growing demand.

Hydrogen offers a flexible, clean and immediate solution to help achieve decarbonization goals. Daroga Power’s nationwide portfolio of Power to Hydrogen projects will take advantage of a growing supply of green electrons and existing electrolyzer technology to help create the clean hydrogen marketplace.

With a federal goal of reducing the cost of hydrogen to less than $2 per kilogram by 2026, the enacted Infrastructure and Jobs Act has allocated $8 billion for grants to fund clean hydrogen projects.

Daroga Power’s Hydrogen portfolio consists of;

Transportation – With the likes of Volvo, Daimler and Nikola, the fuel cell electric vehicle space will account for 50% of major auto manufacturer fleets. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle fueling stations will be critical for mass adoption of the FCEV sector.

C&I – Hydrogen could be blended into existing natural gas networks, with the highest potential in commercial   industrial buildings, particularly in dense cities.

Power Generation – Hydrogen is one of the leading options for storing renewable energy, and hydrogen can be used in gas turbines to increase power system flexibility.